Ash Parker: A Hot Getaway from the City


Ash Parker: A Hot Getaway from the City

A couple of years ago we had planned a walk to the river, my group of friends and I, the day we were supposed to meet most of them could not attend the meeting, because some had work and others had to study, the only The person who did attend was the cousin of one of my friends, I didn’t know her and she was 4 years older than me, at first it was uncomfortable being with her because we had never spoken or seen each other, but thanks to my sarcasm and jokes that in Most of them are bad. She started to be more sociable and talk to me more. It turned out that we had a lot in common. She was beautiful and her body was very well developed with beautiful blonde hair. After swimming and playing for a long time in the river, she told me that she knew of a more private space where we could play alone, so I accepted and we walked towards the place but for some reason I started to get hard, I had swimming shorts and I was wet so my friend noticed it and was curious why I was trying to hide it. When I was distracted she came behind me and touched my penis and then she started laughing. I was very uncomfortable and she noticed it so she told me. hug him very tightly and touch him again but this time in a longer and more sexy way. then I understood what she was trying to do, she pulled down my shorts and underwear and then started giving me oral sex while touching her crotch, it felt very good and you could tell that she had experience, then she pulled down her panties and I started touching her and playing with her vagina, she was very wet and excited, then I got behind her and started fucking her while I covered her mouth because I didn’t want anyone to hear us, then I turned her body to see him from the front and raised her left leg while I fucked her for a few minutes until the time came and that beautiful vagina exploded with my milk. She was amazed and satisfied… after that I didn’t see her again because she left the city a few days later.

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