Ash Parker: I Interrupt My Play Date


Ash Parker: I Interrupt My Play Date

A few months ago I was at home, it was a normal day and suddenly I received a message from a man who followed me on Instagram, we had texted a couple of times but we hadn’t gone out yet, after thinking about it for a while I decided I would do it, I thought it would be nice to get out of the house for a while. We met in a public place and started talking about ourselves, getting to know each other a little, I found the guy interesting and I think he found me interesting.The appointment was near a park and after spending two hours in a pleasant conversation, a group of young people who trained volleyball arrived and began to practice with their ball. My followers know that my favorite sport is volleyball and when I saw them I couldn’t hold back the urge to tell my date- Hey, sorry, my favorite sport is volleyball, do you mind if I join those young people and play a little with them? – the boy accepted.I hurriedly went to have fun with those young people, but I could only play for about 10 minutes, I was embarrassed to leave my date standing… it was late at night so 2 minutes after I left the game the police arrived at the park to tell the young people that it was not time to play and that they should go home in the form of a scolding, I did not feel scolded because I was no longer playing LOL… After another brief talk I went home to rest, the boy went to his own.

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