Black Jacksonn: A Relaxing Moment


Black Jacksonn: A Relaxing Moment

I got home after training and my best friend came home to visit me, while she was on the couch I went to take a shower, I turned on the shower and refreshing water ran through every throbbing muscle, I enjoyed every stream of water running through my body, I left the room. shower I just grabbed a towel and went to the couch I sat on the towel and she is there with me, I just laid my head on the head of the couch and tried to relax but my friend had other plans she knelt in front of me and opened my towel and let me my exposed cock began to touch it with her hand and make it hard halfway to an erection she took it to her mouth she began to suck and play with her warm, wet tongue she sucked the top of my cock and ran her tongue from my balls to the tip she tried to take it all in her deep throat but it was too much for her she continued sucking and enjoying every minute of having my cock just for her, she just wanted to suck it I didn’t want to ride it she just wanted my hot semen in her mouth and she was working to get it, She choked a little on her saliva while sucking. She augustly put my cock as far as she could into her mouth while the throbbing explosion of my load came out towards her throat. She swallowed every drop and continued sucking until not a single drop was left. She licked every part of my cock and covered it again with the towel, she got up, ran her tongue over her lips, kissed me and said goodbye, she was going to see her boyfriend but she wanted my cock first, she closed the door behind her and slowly I listened to her footsteps. They moved away, I stayed lying down while I still felt how my cock was throbbing even after such a delicious blowjob.

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