Gabrielle Benno: Something About My Weekend Nights


Gabrielle Benno: Something About My Weekend Nights

There’s something exhilarating about indulging in intimate moments in unexpected places. As I already told you all, those are the experiences that I enjoy the most. One such unforgettable experience for me was the last weekend on a moonlit balcony. The silents moan combination with the cool night air, made some shivers in me and the thrill of the forbidden created an ambiance of alertness and excitement while I look every 2 minutes at the neighbors’ windows.With all the adrenaline I thought that I was about to cum at any minute but surprise it took me longer to enjoy that moment. I don?t expect too much when I meet someone or when the weekend is coming but for these occasional experiences @ cameraboys, I am always grateful and excited to have the opportunity to begin a new week.

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