Izzi: The Dreaded Time of Life


Izzi: The Dreaded Time of Life

As you may all know. I’m a family man. For the past 10 years I’ve been taking care of my grand parents more often as there reaching a critical age. So now. There both 90 !!!!! Which is incredible. There still very active. But last week my grand daddy unfortunately had a stroke. It’s affected his speech and motor skills. Been back and forth to hospital all week. Looks like he’s gonna make it , but with a cost. I will be needed to look after them and care for them a little more. I’ve taken some time off to process and focus on the new chapter that’s about to start. Still maintaining a good healthy life style. Surprisingly I’ve not drank or done anything dark. Still hitting the gym and eating good. I have not been able to put on the happy mask for cam. Impossible at the moment. But , I will be trying to log on as much as I can from Monday to Wednesday. I may not be my talkative self , so just go easy on me when you see me online. Thanks for understanding and cheers. See you all late night tonight at 11 58 pm eastern !

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