Jacques Leroxxoff: My Life Changed in Less Than 4 Months


Jacques Leroxxoff: My Life Changed in Less Than 4 Months

Yesterday throughout most of the day I felt a lot of pain. Back pain to be exact, Severe neck and pain in my head. Some of you may have caught my first show, it was short but I wanted to get a sense of how it feels like to be a model so I gathered myself went to the gym hit the hot showers put this huge smile on my face when every part of my Body ached. Why am I in so much pain you ask? Well I have had surgery in my right arm that has now caused me to lose almost all strength in my right arm, for the rest of my life I will no longer be able to lift more than 10 lbs in my right arm. 2 months later I was in an accident that caused a fracture in my radius in my left arm, I cracked my head open, hurt my back permanently. I wasn’t able to return right to work and my job decided it was time to let me go even though I had records of medical conditions. So now I’m an Uber Driver, and also do this to see if I can make some extra money. This happened to me in an instant, and we think that it will never happen to us but it did. So now I ask what do you think about how hard these past 4 months have been?

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