Jayden Pryce: My Favorite Sport


Jayden Pryce: My Favorite Sport

Today I will tell you a little about the sport that I like and that helps me every day with lessons for my life. Skateboarding is more of an art, a lifestyle than a sport, or that’s how many skaters see it. I would say that around the world it is the greatest form of expression and of putting our creativity to the limit by combining tricks and overcoming obstacles in unimaginable ways around us. of the city we exercise our body and at the same time we strengthen our mind thanks to the persistence that must be had to achieve new tricks or to conquer new spots thanks to all this I realized that life is like skateboarding it is about persistence of trying over and over again until we achieve our goals and the pleasure of this is very similar to when you are having an orgasm, that is why I am as addicted to sex as that sensation that skating gives me.

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