Massimo Contie: Enter This Story of Lust and Imagine That It is Me


Massimo Contie: Enter This Story of Lust and Imagine That It is Me

The night is dark and the hotel room is dimly lit. The air is thick with desire, a heady mix of pheromones and anticipation. A man stands in the center of the room, his body tense with excitement. He is tall and muscular, his muscles tense with muscles as he moves towards you. His eyes are intense, full of lust and need. He is dressed in nothing but a pair of boxer briefs that hug his hips tightly.showing off the impressive package of him. You can’t help but feel a surge of desire as you take in the sight before you, your eyes drawn to every curve and contour of this man’s body.He approaches you, his eyes never leaving yours. He’s close enough to touch now and anticipation is palpable in the air between us.He reaches out and runs his hands over your chest, feeling the contours of your muscles through your shirt. He leans close to you, pressing his body against yours as he kisses you deeply and passionately.His hands run over your body, exploring every inch of you while he kisses and nibbles on your neck.The room fills with the sound of your moans and his deep, guttural moans as he continues to explore you.He turns away from you, his eyes dark with desire. He steps back and looks at your body hungrily before kneeling in front of you.He looks at you, eyes filled with lust as he reaches for your belt and undoes it.He pulls down your pants, revealing the bulge in your boxers. His eyes widen as he sees what’s hidden beneath them and a smile spreads across his face.He reaches out and touches your cock through the fabric, feeling the hardness of it.He looks at you and says, "I want to taste you." You nod, unable to speak as he pulls down your boxers and takes his cock into your mouth.He sucks you deep, his tongue swirling around your shaft as he takes you all into his mouth. The feeling is incredible and it doesn’t take long before you feel yourself getting close to the edge.He senses this and pulls away, looking at you with a mischievous smile. "Not yet," he says before standing in front of you. He takes your hand and leads you to the bed where he pushes you down.He straddles your hips and grinds his ass against you, feeling the hardness of your cock through the fabric.He leans back and pulls down your boxers, freeing you from the confines of him. "I want to feel this inside me," he says as he lines up his hole with the tip of your cock.He lowers himself onto you, taking your length inside him with a moan. The feeling is incredible and it isn’t long before he starts riding you hard and fast.His ass is tight and warm around your cock, gripping you in all the right places.He leans forward and kisses you deeply, his tongue dancing with yours as he continues to ride your cock. The room fills with the sound of our moans and moans as we fuck each other harder and faster.You can feel your orgasm building and you know it won’t be long before you explode inside him. He feels this too, eyes filled with lust as he rides you even harder. "Cum for me," he says with a moan."Cum inside me." Those words are all you need and you explode, your cum shooting deep into his ass. He milks every drop from you before collapsing on top of you in a heap.They both stood there, panting and exhausted as they came down from their high. He looks at you with a smile on his face before leaning in to kiss you again. "That was incredible," he says breathlessly. "It certainly was."You respond with a smile. "I am happy you have enjoyed." He nods, eyes filled with desire as he looks at your still hard cock. "I want more," he says with a smile. "Let’s go again."You nod, unable to speak as he steps away from you and gets on all fours in front of the bed. "Fuck me from behind," he says with a moan.You don’t need to be told twice and quickly get behind him, lining up your cock with his hole. He moans when he feels the tip of your cock against his entrance before pushing into it again.You slowly slide into him, feeling his tightness around your cock. He moans as you fill him and then starts riding you hard again.

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