Hello, I am a very hot boy, willing to experiment and I like fetishes, I am willing to do everything within my power, my cock is very hot, go ahead and you will not regret it



I`m from Germany, a very shy bi guy, I like to run, take pictures, listen to music and play games.



Im a warm gay and I like showing my bottom in camera


David Clay: My Afternoon at the Gym

Yesterday I was at the gym and finishing my legs and glutes routine, I saw another man doing his routine, he had short shorts and I noticed that he wasn’t wearing underwear underneath, I stared at him, he noticed and his cock started to get hard , I went to the bathroom and he followed me, when in the bathroom he took out his cock and asked me to suck it, sweaty and smelly.

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James Vegga: Welcome

Hello all my friends, it is very nice for me to welcome you and know that we are going to be the best friends in the world….don’t be afraid to tell me what you expect from me and what you want me to do. I be for you

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Massimo Contie: My Day at the Gym

I feel very happy to be part of your favorite models, I want you to know that I always work to be better and give you the best of me, I have been exercising so that my arms and legs grow to catch you better with them, whenever I am going to do exercise I notice that there are men who stare at my big penis underneath my pants, when I exert a lot of hard it becomes exuberant and perhaps they wonder how big it is, it is very gratifying for me that they look at my big cock so much, I will try to tell you more experiences like these

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Hello! We are Carlos and Sebas, a couple of gay boys who enjoy sex to the fullest. We look for fun and new experiences to fuck in the richest and most accommodating way for you.


Rygo: Ready, Set…. Go!

I’m so exited about sharing how my life is evolving since I jump into the rabbit hole! And I’m so glad I did it becouse I learning every day a little more about it, I hope my journey exited you, becouse the main reason I’m here is becouse I have a huge necessity to pleased, I’m going to share more about my journey to get here and how I’m constantly evolving,, my goal is to be a better version of myself in any way, mostly sexually and socially speaking.To be continued…

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