Sael Cobber: Welcome Guys

guys I’m ready to learn from you here! a pleasure to be able to please what you are looking for and how rich that we do it together I am willing to learn and why not to teach you to have more pleasure at livejasmin!

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Dustin Beavers: New Here Looking to Excite Anyone

im a straight 34 old white guy just here to have fun and entertain anyone that can keep the vibe up and show interest in what i have to offer im alway in the mood for something hot and sexy i love the idea of playing with myself while someone watches im not gay but i dont mind if gay guys want to watchi just dont swing that way sorry fellas like i said your welcome to watch all you want at cameraboys ill even entertain a chat if im tipped well other than that ladies fell free to hit me up ready to see how this all goes .

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German Johpnson: My First Period

I tell you that these fifteen days of transition were excellent, I loved it, the experience that I met a lot of nice and funny people at cameraboys.com, I thank God; That this period was excellent for me, I hope that the next one will be better for me. Thank you very much to my users, kisses to all.?

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Santiago Puerto: Welcome to My Room

For me it is an honor to share part of my life on this page, I have met lovely people, I am a musician and a very passionate athlete, willing to undertake new challenges and making the most of each day, come, let’s enjoy together at livejasmin. today is a great day…

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Gabrielle Benno: Something About My Weekend Nights

There’s something exhilarating about indulging in intimate moments in unexpected places. As I already told you all, those are the experiences that I enjoy the most. One such unforgettable experience for me was the last weekend on a moonlit balcony. The silents moan combination with the cool night air, made some shivers in me and the thrill of the forbidden created an ambiance of alertness and excitement while I look every 2 minutes at the neighbors’ windows.With all the adrenaline I thought that I was about to cum at any minute but surprise it took me longer to enjoy that moment. I don?t expect too much when I meet someone or when the weekend is coming but for these occasional experiences @ cameraboys, I am always grateful and excited to have the opportunity to begin a new week.

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Izzi: Wednesday Warathon

Hey everybody!! Wednesday is a HUGE day for me and other models. It’s the biggest multiplier for credits for Model Summit. I’ll be online at cameraboys most of day with a discount rate. Let’s have some play time !! Wish me luck for this epic battle !!

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David Clay: I'm in a New Stage

Today I start a new stage in my life and I tell you that I started the gym to improve my body, to get more handsome than I already am to please you more, I hope you see how my evolution is in this new change #changes are always good

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Fabian Muscle: Debora and Borja

This is a story that I have had in mind, tell me what do you thinkBorja, with his spent tracksman and his tilted cap, was engaged in his monologue about motoring while Deborah, with an enigmatic smile, listened to him with apparent interest. The smoke of the cigarette that Borja had lit was intertwined with his words.He, oblivious to the true plans of Deborah, passed the cigarette when she borrowed it.They continued their lively conversation in the park, while the cigarette was slowly consumed in her hand. Borja, absorbed in his story about modified cars, did not realize that the smoke had sig a stealthy way to the crotch of his pants.Debora, with a mischievous smile on her lips, noticed the smoke coming out of Borja’s crotch and bit her lower lip to contain laughter. He knew that he had in his hands the perfect opportunity for a new prank.With skill, the girl turned off the cigarette in the crotch her boyfriend, pretending a careless gesture. Borja, suddenly, jumped from his seat with an exclamation of surprise and pain, circling and shaking in an attempt to put out the fire.Debora could not contain laugh and covered her mouth with her hands, but her naughty laugh escaped between her fingers. Borja, with the steaming crotch and blushing face, looked at Deborah with a mixture of disbelief and discomfort."Crazy! What the hell do you do?!" Borja exclaimed, while trying to turn off the flames with a desperate pounding.Deborah, unable to contain his laugh, laughed out loud while running away from the place. Borja continued, jumping and limbing in the park, with his chamuscado tracksuit and an expression of astonishment on his face.The scene did not go unnoticed by passersby who stunned the comic scene. Borja, with the blackened crotch and an expression of indignation, persecuted Debora, who laughed laughing while running, enjoying her mischief."You have burned my cock, scoundrel." He whispered in his ear when he finally reached her. "This is not going to be like that, eh? You are going to pay them, what did you intend?" He said that with his girl’s ear in his mouth, firmly mooring her body with her arms."The usual. Touch your balls." Debora responded, turning her head to gather with her lover’s.And they merge into a kiss, he hugging her breasts, she walking with discretion her buttocks through the blackened center of the young man’s pants.

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Blake Levi: Update

Today i had a little surgery so now im recovering guys, thanks for your best wishes for my health and i’ll let you know once im ready to be online again. Miss you all, i hope everything is going well there. Hugs!

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Davis Garcia: Let Me Introduce Myself, I'm Davis

Greetings everyone, I’m Davis, and I want to share with you a bit of my dominant but friendly personality, I have always been a determined and self-confident person, with an innate passion to achieve my goals and overcome any challenge that comes my way. path.

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