Jim Lucky: Trying to Get Back in the Game

Hello all my beautiful people. I have been gone for a while but I am back, hopefully for good. My schedule is limited at the moment but I will try to log on sort of regularly as I can. I am horny, still ready to perform. Hope you may return to watch me.

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Kyran Kyle: My Weekend Trip with a Police

I spent the weekend with a friend who is also very hot and young, we walked around the best places in the city, drank and even ran into some trouble… tell me? who also had a great rest this weekend?

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Blake Levi: Recent Days

Hi everyone! Wanted to let you all know that I’ve been with some health issues, some days had to stop due a high fever and low energy, and now I’m having issues with a tonsil and molar that’s coming outside :/ and this have been an obstacle to offer my best as I always want to. Sending you hugs and positive energy and of course hope to be online again asap!

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Izzi: June Summit Contest

Alright everyone. Guess who’s going for June Summit Contest !! Daddy is VERY eager to get a top spot. I will be doing a marathon on cam this month. 6 days a week and about 12 hours a day. I need FULL support and fire power ! Let the battle begin tonight at 12 AM eastern !

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Sebastian Pradoo: A Little About Me :)

Hello, I am Sebas of Venezuela, currently I live in Medellin, I am 20 years old, My high is the 1.83 cm, I really like to dance, sing and the arts in general, I also like to know new places, nature and great people, I am a rare combination between outgoing and introvert, I hope you encourage me to meet a little more

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Navani Biianco: Algo Sobre Mi

I am an outgoing person, passionate in everything I do in my life, lover and protector of nature I love going out to eat and getting to know a new place, dancing and laughing with a good company.I have a motorcycle and I love speed , run in high speed and enjoy a good view.As a project I want to start my own company and get to know all of Europe.I want you to know me as I am and offer the best of me always.I have a cat that I adopted 8 years ago

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Adan Fulker: Today It is Sunday !

I woke up very early this morning, beautiful dawn!I left physical activity in the gym, sweat a lot hehehe! it was great.ma bane in the pool of my whole!Rice lunch a great typical food of Colombia "paisa tray"At 2pm I will be online, I want to continue evolving!

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Billy Hilton: Crazy Day

Well I hope you are very well when you go to read this …….Well that’s a crazy day I hadI was on my way to work and that day I had to go into a dark place… at that moment a regret came over me which was….. if you want to know more come to my room

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