Roy Broown: My Day to Day


Roy Broown: My Day to Day

Good morning, awake today as every day. Trying to see everything with positivism and enthusiasm, and I am. Not because I want to, but because all my life I have considered myself an optimist and boy, do you need to be optimistic on this earth. Well, I prepare my breakfast and take a seat in my chair next to the window. Fortunately I live on the 5th floor and I have a beautiful view of my city. I sit to contemplate it and think how great I want to be in this journey of life, I don’t know if I have enough time but I keep the illusion… that little moment is my gasoline day by day, imagine a full life with my family, full of laughter, without monetary worries, a life where we can create many memories together… but everything has a price and my price I’m paying now. Then I go to train as usual, I love to train and have the satisfaction of seeing how every day my body looks better, I love to look good and feel that I look good. Besides, the mood benefits of working out is another thing I enjoy. I come home and prepare my lunch and dinner while listening to salsa romantica. I have to do it, otherwise . It would be hard to cook lol. After lunch, I get ready to go online. After dedicating my day to you, the night comes and that would be my social life. Yeah, and I get to thinking. At what point did my work become my social life? I don’t know… I eat dinner and take my breath again… and think again, over and over again. Fortunately I am my only and best company . That’s what I want to believe. Good night ?

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