Sebastian Pradoo: The Dance for Me


Sebastian Pradoo: The Dance for Me

Well, since I have memory, I have been passionate about being able to express you through an art, which for me was dance, but it was not until the 15 years that I started to dance professionally, but nevertheless always in my room I knew Expressing my emotions through dance, Miaraba Show of dances as it could be Shake It off of Disney or Dance Moms, my favorite programs so far, they fed that passion in me, because how beautiful it is to feel sad, annoying or happy and you know that There you can express it well, in a healthy and pleasant way to channel your emotions and apart what is pleasant for your self -esteem to know that you do something well because you do it with your heart, with no further anything to say it only remains to thank this art for making me whoever who I am and help me feel better with me always

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