Ash Parker: Another Wonderful Trip


Ash Parker: Another Wonderful Trip

I recently returned from a wonderful vacation where first I had to take a flight and then a car that i took for more than 3 hours, this because I was heading to a distant city where some relatives had planned a birthday party for my cousin…there were dozens of guests at the party and it was a very pleasant night, I went to bed at 3 am, the next morning I left for my next destination, I took a bus of more than 3 hours to pick up a family member and then we took another bus of more than 5 hours, to reach my last destination, a place that has very pleasant views of nature and a huge river, in this small city I enjoyed with friends and family, we went to dinner in my last evening.I traveled a long distance to see some beloved ones but it was all worth it…I plan to see them more frequently.

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