Black Jacksonn: Teamwork


Black Jacksonn: Teamwork

Today I went with my best friend to the gym we had an appointment to train together. He is tall, 1.90, he beats me in muscle mass and he is also blonde like the sun with eyes blue like the sea. Literally girls and boys fall before him like flies. I nicknamed him Apollo because She shares many characteristics with this god, even fucking him. We decided to train in a new gym in the city. When a beautiful, thin girl with a nice bubble butt arrived, she welcomed us, approximately. She was approximately 1.55 cm tall and was tiny next to us. She was immediately enchanted. with Apollo and he gave him a smile, we continued towards the machines and he told me we already have a new prey for tonight (sometimes we had threesomes together) I told him don’t be so arrogant haha although I did know that that was one of his skills, we trained completely the upper body challenging us in lifting weights, the girls and boys undoubtedly looked at us with more than admiration, I couldn’t judge them, two attractive and muscular men training attract a lot of attention, we turned a couple of times towards the girl at the reception who She kept giving us fleeting glances, we finished training and headed to the showers, we noticed that someone was coming behind us, it was she the receptionist, without hesitation we entered the same shower together, she stopped at the door and I told her, are you going to Stay there or are you going to keep us company? She was paralyzed for a second and responded, I can’t believe it. This is a fantasy that someone will wake me up if I’m dreaming. Come and let’s see if you wake up. She entered the shower with us and we began to undress her together like two dogs. With his prey we began to snatch Apollo’s clothes, he took his blouse and I quickly got rid of his pants, I was naked, my cock was already out, ready to enter her, one of 19cm and Apollo’s was also ready, 20cm ready for her, This girl was surprised, she didn’t know what to do with two monstrous cocks. I put her back to me and tilted her so that she could hold Apollo’s cock while I penetrated her wet pussy. She couldn’t swallow all of Apollo’s cock while I completely deepened mine. In it she bucked and moaned a lot while we took her, both Apollo and I shared French kisses with passion, Apolko took his cock out of the girl’s mouth and I bolted it in my direction, while I carried her to stick her to my body while she entered completely into "She, hold on now," Apollo whispered to her as he shoved his entire cock into this girl’s ass, who covered her mouth so that the scream that escaped when she felt all that cock enter her ass would not escape. I felt like she was cumming while I continued. We mutually penetrated her, we fucked her rhythmically while our bodies rubbed each other, he came again and again, I was ready to come inside her when I felt that Apollo pressed his body more against hers, he was also ready as if we were synchronized, semen ran inside of her at the same time in her ass and her pussy a very strong moan escaped from her while we were cumming and her body couldn’t stop shuddering she was in the stasis of orgasm I took out my cock and tried to lower it but she couldn’t stand her feet Her legs were still shaking, she sat on the shower floor with our cocks in her face. We ordered her to suck and clean both and she did it like a good girl. She obeyed without problems. While letting out moans, she continuously sucked both cocks. Once again, I was ready to come and I did. In her mouth she happily swallowed all my load. I had not yet finished when Apollo also came in her mouth and also swallowing everything with desire to clean every drop of semen. The three of us finished showering together, although she could hardly stand up after such a thing. fucked, before getting out of the shower we said goodbye to her with a delicious kiss and we were ready to continue our day

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