Black Jacksonn: The Gym Boy


Black Jacksonn: The Gym Boy

Today, like any other, I was ready to train. I had my shorts ready, my tank top which was sleeveless so that my arms could be shown. I like to wear it like that since when I train my veins fill up and look very rough. I arrived at the gym at 8am like any day, between saying hello to the receptionist and a boy whom I had never seen before at the gym, I only said hello out of politeness, I headed towards the training machines. wasready to start my routine when I feel that someone is watching me while I’m getting ready I turn around and realize that it was this new guy watching me I didn’t care and I started my routine, today I would train my pectorals. With each series my muscles inflated and looked bigger. I looked in the mirror to see my muscles as if they had grown when I noticed through the reflection of the mirror that the new boy was watching me from a distance, not looking away from me. I continued my training routine at the end of the chest section, I was about to start with the biceps when this new boy without shyness asked me if he could train with me, he wanted me to help him since I have more experience, so we started training together As we trained, I began to sweat due to the high demands of the exercises and I began to notice the lust and desire in this boy’s eyes. I didn’t give it any importance and continued training with him. We got into conversation between each exercise and I asked him if he had come with someone and told me that yes, he came with his girlfriend, surprise filled my mind, this supposedly straight boy was looking at me with a lot of desire or maybe it was my mind that thought he was looking at me that way, a curious doubt came to me now I had to find out if Was it lust with which this boy was looking at me or was it my mind playing tricks on me so I had to find out, we continued training and I was even more sweaty so I decided to take off my shirt when I did this boy let out a little moan (I couldn’t really imagine that). listen) more curiosity came to me, we finished the routine. I’m not used to showering at the gym but I had to get rid of the doubt so I subtly said goodbye to him but not before telling him that I would shower there since I wanted to get rid of the sweat from training (the bait was thrown) now I would find out what would happen, I headed I went into the shower, I took off my clothes without locking the door (anyone could enter) I listened as my attentive ear passed by, the shower sounded while the water fell and if the bait worked, my shower door opened, it was the new boy panting. Full of lust in my mind I thought I knew if he felt desire for me I couldn’t imagine what I felt was coming from him. He watches me completely naked. His gaze runs over my entire wet body, my muscles strengthened by training and cooled by the shower water look like carved marble. haha more details write to me find out what happened next

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