Black Jacksonn: The New Neighbors.


Black Jacksonn: The New Neighbors.

After a couple of months of being empty, the apartment across the street from mine was finally occupied by a couple, a very cute but very short boy of approximately average height 1.70 cm with pale skin compared to my height of 1.85 cm and 95 kilos. In weight, the difference in sizes was very noticeable, although the difference was more noticeable with the girl who was approximately 1.55 cm tall and slim in appearance, very pretty with blue eyes and pink lips.The day they moved I ran into them by chance while I was going down the stairs of the building to go to the GYM, they were carrying some things for their new apartment, I greeted them with a simple "Good morning" and continued on my way, that night I left to my balcony which is right next to those of my new neighbors, as usual I went out to smoke a cigarette and what a surprise my new neighbor was smoking, I greeted again and my neighbor returned the greeting and immediately entered his room, It didn’t take even 3 minutes when my neighbor appeared almost semi naked, only covered by a thin silk robe, (my brain immediately sent an electric current through my pants until it reached my penis)."Very nice outfit," I said to the neighbor while she smiled (That damn smile that expressed that that girl was naughty).Maybe she didn’t notice it or maybe I imagined it, but her eyes ran very quickly over my torso since I was shirtless, since I was used to being there alone, "Very nice outfit," my neighbor repeated, my smile couldn’t do it either. be more naughty by being present,"My pleasure, I’m Erick," I told my neighbor.- The pleasure is mine, I’m Andre – my neighbor responded, flashing that smile again.We could only talk about that since the boy called her and entered the bedroom.A couple of days later I met Andrea at the GYM, to my surprise and disappointment she didn’t have that silk robe, when she saw me she immediately addressed me.Hello Erick, what a coincidence – my neighbor tells me.Yes, what a coincidence – I told him even though I had already been going to the GYM for 3 years.Your sports clothes are very nice – Andrea tells me.Thank you, I can say the same although I liked the robe from the other day better – My mischief making itself present.It would be a problem with the Gym’s policies to train in a bathrobe, although later you could see her-she answered me while she laughed flirtatiously, the truth is I didn’t expect that response from my neighbor.I would be delighted, would it be in your room or mine? -I responded with a mischievous joke, since I knew he had a partner.You decide, I have been alone since yesterday, my husband is traveling and she always leaves me alone for days – My neighbor respondedIt would definitely be in my room, I couldn’t risk being found fucking the new neighbor, although it was a big surprise and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to fuck Andre, I love dominating this type of short women.Night came and my door rang, it was Andrea, I told her to come in and she crossed the living room towards my bedroom door, when I opened it, what a surprise, Andrea was in that silk robe with nothing else on, I ran my eyes over that beautiful naked body, her pink nipples and her narrow vagina (immediately my penis became erect) I immediately kissed her on her small mouth, it was a sweet and soft delicacy, the difference in size was highlighted, my body was rock hard against her body He collided with her and I thought he would break her, a great moan of pleasure escaped his lips (this is what excites him, a dominant man). I picked her up easily and placed her on the living room table, I quickly lowered my lips to her sweet and tight vagina (it was wonderful) I quickly turned to look at the door and I forgot to close it, OMG the damn husband was there in my door, for a second I froze.When I stood up straight I could notice this man’s expression better, it wasn’t anger that he was expressing, it was lust, a high level of lust (I thought), I turned to look at Andrea at the table and his look was not one of surprise or concern, It was complete satisfaction, (The hunter has been hunted I thought at that moment). That boy smiled and just said:Don’t worry, we can share – said Andrea’s husband.I just smiled and of course dinner is already served and I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to fuck Andrea. Simply excited, Andrea shows her best smile, she is perfect for me at the height of the table to penetrate her, but her husband remained very low while I penetrated her, he got on the table and began to perform a 69 on her, enjoying this delight. My excitement was increasing more and more, I had never imagined something like this that night, to my surprise the husband took my penis from Andrea’s vagina and began to suck it, Andrea took advantage of the moment to slide off the table and place herself on the sofa while the husband goes down and goes behind her and begins to penetrate her vagina and tells me:"Her ass is yours," Andrea’s husband tells me.I head towards the furniture where Andrea and her husband are and I start to penetrate her ass, that tight ass I feel how it expands as my cock gets thick inside her, I clearly hear how she screams and squeezes her hands (She loved the pain) I do it hard and deep and I feel how her vagina begins to drain, her excitement is at maximum ecstasy.If you want to know how this story ends, write to me and I’ll tell you…

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