Derek Kros: A Day with Kros


Derek Kros: A Day with Kros

Hello friends, I want to tell you about my day yesterday, I really had a great time and together with my friends we went to a pool and also to some super nice places in the city, I want to tell you about a fantasy that I have wanted to do for a long time, in a public place, since I am very morbid about crussing and I got the perfect moment to do it, it turns out that I was in the pool in a somewhat deep place, and I pretended that I was drowning so that the lifeguard would jump to rescue me, when I was simulating drowning, the boy, all handsome and muscular, jumped into the water to rescue me, I describe the lifeguard, he was a boy about a meter 90 tall, strong with white skin and incredible abs, but that was not all, the most thing that stood out about him was his package in a red bathrobe, well getting back to the topic, the boy enters the pool and fucks me from behind, and I feel his delicious package on my buttocks, he notices that I am not drowning but he still pulls me out of the water and He took me to the infirmary, when he put me on the stretcher and started touching me, my impulses were not noticed and my penis became erect, he saw that and was intimidated but I wanted to eat that man. When I saw that if he was more docile, I knelt down and took out that big, perfect cock and put it in my mouth and gave him the best oral I had ever given in my life, that man was amazing.

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