Dylan Cortez: I Fucked My Neighbor


Dylan Cortez: I Fucked My Neighbor

One day at night the neighbor who lives in front of my house saw me arrive and invited me to his birthday. The neighbor is married to a girl, come into my house and rest for a couple of hours.After the break I got organized and went to the neighbor’s, arrived at the party, we started joking and chatting, dawn arrived and I remember that it was 3 am the other people went to cam and went home.I stayed there with him listening to good music, he asked me if I wanted to dance with him because everyone had already left, I got up and said yes, we started to dance, he breathed on my neck and I felt very strange, then he with His lips touch my neck, I react and he tells me to stay calm, because no one will know what happens.He began to kiss me very passionately, he told me that he had never done it with someone of the same sex and that he would like to do it, we continued kissing, we sucked the nipples, the armpits, we smelled every part of our body, then he came down and started to smell me. my balls and my penis he said it was very delicious after smelling it he started to suck very gently then he got up and it was my turn to do the same mmmmm it felt too morbid to see his big penis and mine the same, I sucked him his ass while he masturbated then we penetrated each other, it felt painful but it was very delicious to feel it mmmmm.We masturbated while I rubbed his ass with my finger, he mounted my abdomen and told me that he wanted to come in my abdomen and I came in his ass and wow it was hot semen and so much that my abdomen was full of semen and his butt was too very full of my semen mmm it was so delicious that it dawned at that moment when we finished dressing and finished and I was going home it was 6am it was a rich dawn for both of us

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