Dylan Cortez: Sex in the Forest


Dylan Cortez: Sex in the Forest

As is customary, in the afternoons I always go to the forest near the park to walk, I like to see and listen to the sounds of nature, I was sitting on a giant stone and I heard a woman moan, I did nothing at the moment and I stayed listening, When I decided to walk and I saw a girl and a boy fucking in the forest, wow my penis stood up and got very hard, so much so that I started touching myself and took it out and started masturbating. At that moment I was so focused watching that the girl turned around and saw me behind them, the girl moaned very richly and I watched how the boy penetrated her, the girl made a sign for me to come to where they were, get to them and She looked at my penis and got excited, I joined them, she started sucking my penis while the boy penetrated her hard. We were still very hot, then I penetrated her and it felt very delicious and she moaned, it sounded very hot and exciting, we continued until the moment arrived where she kneeled and asked me and the boy to finish on her face and her breasts. We finished, it was impressive how the girl was covered in semen and she enjoyed it… Then we each went our separate ways and before that she told me that when she came back to repeat it… It was impressive, they are experiences that I enjoy a lot and I don’t I forget them.

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