Dylan Cortez: Sex in University


Dylan Cortez: Sex in University

One normal day at university I went to the bathroom and when I was walking down the hallway I saw a girl who was watching me for a long time, I didn’t pay attention to her and went into the bathroom.I was in the bathroom when suddenly the girl comes in and tells me that she has wanted to fuck me for a long time, my cock woke up when she confessed that to me and it got hard, she saw my bulge in my pants and then started touching my cock I took it out and she was surprised by the size of my cock and how thick it is. She was masturbating me very well and she did it for a long time. She saw that my penis was very erect and she kneeled down and began to suck my cock. I was impressed to see how she swallowed my entire cock and it all entered her throat. After a while sucking my cock she asked me to penetrate her. I lowered her lips. pants and I began to penetrate her pussy, which was tight and wet, she asked me to penetrate her with delicious, we were both very horny.She told me to take out my cock and put it in her ass, I was amazed and I did it and it felt very delicious, we fucked too much while I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them and said hot things in her ear..After that hot fuck in the bathroom she asks me to finish it in her mouth because she wants to taste my semen. She kneels and jerks off my penis until she arrives. I gave it all to her in her mouth and she swallowed all my semen. mmmm she tasted it. her lips and told me that my semen was delicious,She got up, told me that she loved that I spoiled her by giving her all the pleasure I needed, that she found her very sexy and attractive and that’s why she fucked me in the university bathrooms.

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