Fabian Muscle: Debora and Borja


Fabian Muscle: Debora and Borja

This is a story that I have had in mind, tell me what do you thinkBorja, with his spent tracksman and his tilted cap, was engaged in his monologue about motoring while Deborah, with an enigmatic smile, listened to him with apparent interest. The smoke of the cigarette that Borja had lit was intertwined with his words.He, oblivious to the true plans of Deborah, passed the cigarette when she borrowed it.They continued their lively conversation in the park, while the cigarette was slowly consumed in her hand. Borja, absorbed in his story about modified cars, did not realize that the smoke had sig a stealthy way to the crotch of his pants.Debora, with a mischievous smile on her lips, noticed the smoke coming out of Borja’s crotch and bit her lower lip to contain laughter. He knew that he had in his hands the perfect opportunity for a new prank.With skill, the girl turned off the cigarette in the crotch her boyfriend, pretending a careless gesture. Borja, suddenly, jumped from his seat with an exclamation of surprise and pain, circling and shaking in an attempt to put out the fire.Debora could not contain laugh and covered her mouth with her hands, but her naughty laugh escaped between her fingers. Borja, with the steaming crotch and blushing face, looked at Deborah with a mixture of disbelief and discomfort."Crazy! What the hell do you do?!" Borja exclaimed, while trying to turn off the flames with a desperate pounding.Deborah, unable to contain his laugh, laughed out loud while running away from the place. Borja continued, jumping and limbing in the park, with his chamuscado tracksuit and an expression of astonishment on his face.The scene did not go unnoticed by passersby who stunned the comic scene. Borja, with the blackened crotch and an expression of indignation, persecuted Debora, who laughed laughing while running, enjoying her mischief."You have burned my cock, scoundrel." He whispered in his ear when he finally reached her. "This is not going to be like that, eh? You are going to pay them, what did you intend?" He said that with his girl’s ear in his mouth, firmly mooring her body with her arms."The usual. Touch your balls." Debora responded, turning her head to gather with her lover’s.And they merge into a kiss, he hugging her breasts, she walking with discretion her buttocks through the blackened center of the young man’s pants.

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