Kaith Ferrer: About the First Times


Kaith Ferrer: About the First Times

Sexually speaking, we often mistakenly associate the concept of "first time" solely with the first sexual encounter a person experiences in their life. However, we are unaware that this concept encompasses a broader spectrum, including not only intimate relationships but also other first experiences with people, places, situations, and diverse perspectives. That’s why when asked about our first time, it’s preferable to respond with: First time doing what?Speaking of myself, Kaith Ferrer, at my age, I have only recently experienced certain "first times": late compared to others my age, while also doing things that many of them have not done. Pointing out that it is subjective, it is not necessary to compare ourselves to others, as it is harmful and tense to pressure ourselves to match experiences, occasionally resulting in poorly made decisions.Among my most recent first times are exhibitionism in bathrooms, cinemas, and parks, something that happened naturally without much effort; the use of anal sex toys such as vibrating bullets, Ben Wa balls, and dildos, allowing me to explore the male "G" spot (prostate); reading erotic literature, a way to stimulate the imagination; controlling my ejaculation, setting a limit on managing my body; and other experiences, such as the one I have been experiencing here on Flirt4Free, virtual eroticism approaching with geographically distant people, allowing me to try new fantasies, techniques, and erotic scenarios in a controlled and private environment. These experiences have the potential to be unique and unrepeatable, wrapped in a mix of excitement, nervousness, and anticipation, which is why I say that even if we experience these emotions in situations other than the first time, we can still categorize them as such, as they would offer an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with our most intimate selves. It is a threshold we cross, a step into the unknown, and getting closer until it becomes known.Let’s remember everything as if it were the first time and the first time as if it were everything. We don’t want to look back with regret, with the feeling that we let unique opportunities pass us by without fully seizing them. So let’s embrace each experience with our whole being, with all our hearts, knowing that we are truly living, in every moment, in every first time.

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