Roro Pumper: Newbie – Get to Know Me!


Roro Pumper: Newbie – Get to Know Me!

This is the first time I am doing this live. I’m an IT Manager / Private Consultant, Technology is my passion – but deep down I always wanted to be a porn star. Society and cultural norm is what stopped me from doing porn. For now, I like solo play. I am a huge voyeur fan. I love to jerk off and can do it for hours at a time. Sometimes I am even late to events because I haven’t released a big load. I hate wanting to release and not being able to do it. I tend to jerk off everywhere I can possibly do it! My ethnicity is usually a mystery for most – I am Indian but South American Indian or "West Indian" – I was born and raised in Queens , NYC- but my family originates from a country not many folks know of – "Guyana" – Its a hidden gem, Definitely google it if you can and view some images- you will be surprised!

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