Tonyy Montoya: My Best Orgasm in the Library


Tonyy Montoya: My Best Orgasm in the Library

It’s raining. The drops slowly fall out the window. It is winter and it’s cold even though my body burns inside. Tomorrow I have literature exam and the notes are piled up on the table. My head is debated between continuing to study Charles Bukowski or getting carried away by the passion and fire that hides under my panties. Finally the temptation expires the pulse. I take my mobile phone, open whatsapp and write a message to Pablo. "I am in the university library, I want to see you." It soon takes more than a minute to answer: "I dress and go there."My heart begins to beat very strong and my mind immerses itself in a million obscene thoughts. I remember the other day at his house: his body next to mine, he unbuttoning my shirt buttons slowly, licking my breasts, I ride to the rhythm of the chords of ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ by Pink Floyd, his song Favorite No one had ever excited me so much. I turn on even more."Hello," Paul interrupts my thoughts. Take a chair and sit at the table next door. Take out the notes from your backpack and place them on top. He is so handsome. That adjusted shirt and the underpants appearing on the edge of the cowboy pants … I’m looking forward to taking them away.We both try to concentrate on the study knowing that sooner or later the ecstasy will explode.

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