Black Jacksonn: A Simple Day in My Life…


Black Jacksonn: A Simple Day in My Life…

5am in the morning and my alarm rings to tell me that my day has already begun, I get out of bed and go directly to the shower. I don’t need to take off my pajamas since I go to bed completely naked, I turn on the shower and I feel like the cold water runs over my body, I grab the soap and begin to rub it on my chest, going down to my abdomen and rubbing very well, then I soap my legs and go up again to my abdomen and my chest, then my arms and culminate with my face, under the shower I take all the soap off my body and look for my towel to dry my body and get ready to leave the bathroom.I put on my training clothes and leave my apartment straight to the GYM ready to train for 3 hours as usual before going to work. When I arrive at the GYM I greet the girl at the reception and she is always so friendly and smiling. I get ready to do my training routine, work my chest and biceps, at the end of my routine I end up soaked in sweat and with my body really hot due to the intense training, I immediately head to the showers to cool off my body, while I am under the water of In the shower I thought about whether I really felt like going to work today (I didn’t feel like it at all).I finish showering and put on my clothes that I had already prepared the day before to go to work, I leave the GYM and head to work but it’s still very early so I first stop by for a coffee. While I was having my coffee, I thought about whether I really wanted to go to work today (No, I really didn’t feel like doing anything), I decided to go to a park that was a little away from the noise of people and the city, on the way to the park. I called my boss to inform her that I would not show up for work today. Surprised, she asked me if something was happening. It is very strange that I am missing work (I have never missed work since I am very responsible with my things). I said I couldn’t attend today, I wasn’t feeling very well at this time (Christmas), the month of December began, it’s not my favorite and she knew it very well, in addition to being my boss, she was my lover and knew me very well, without Hesitantly accepted my fault and told me that he would call me at night, I cut off the call and prepared to relax alone in nature simply listening to the sound of the trees and the wind in total tranquility, it was just what I wanted and needed.Today I wanted to be alone with myself, really alone, as I spent the first hour being there I began to notice that I had made a mistake, I was there far from everything and I had not brought a single piece of bread for a snack (Clumsy for my brain) I I decided to be there for a couple more hours calmly without worries, my cell phone has not rung in all this time, I checked to see if it had a signal, strange that no one wrote to me. Had no one noticed my absence? I didn’t give it any importance, it was a day for me and there I was calmly just thinking about how beautiful the day was, hunger touched my stomach and it was time to return to the city, I needed something to eat.I went to a restaurant, ordered some takeout and headed to my apartment. When I arrived I got ready to eat. After that I went to the balcony to contemplate the view. It wasn’t the best in the city but it was certainly very beautiful. , I grabbed a couple of cigarettes and smoked while watching the sunset, without a doubt a very calm day without worries just for me. When I finished, I headed back inside my apartment, I took off my clothes and went to the shower, this time with slightly warm water to soften my muscles and skin a little, I finished showering and headed to bed, my day was over. finished, while I’m in bed I grab my current book (The Dungeons of Langeais) and then a couple of pages before getting ready to go to bed.Happy night, I hope you enjoyed joining me in this story of a simple day in my life.

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