Harry Kleiin: My First Girl


Harry Kleiin: My First Girl

I’ll tell you a little about the first time I had a sexual approach with a girl…I am a shy and reserved boy. I don’t like being the center of attention and I’m not very assertive with women in general. However, when Miley came into my life, all that changed for me. She was very different from any woman he had met before; she didn’t take no for an answer when it came to what we did together.I had always been the one making decisions for myself. I was a virgin when we met, and she set out to change that in her life: to make me feel like an stallion as soon as we took off our clothes.She was a big, muscular woman with the biggest tits she had ever seen. She wasn’t very tall, maybe she was 5 feet 2 or 3 inches at most, but she made up for it with the shape of her body and the size of her breasts!She was a bit of an Amazon, with long legs and wide hips. She also had broad shoulders, the kind that made her look like a bodybuilder or something!She was a very sexual woman and I had never met anyone like her before. She would always be the one to initiate sex, she didn’t take no for an answer when it came time to get naked together either!She was the first woman she had ever been with who made me cum without even touching my cock! She knew how to turn a man on and she wasn’t afraid to talk about it either.

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